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winning vs              succeeding

John Wooden - One of the greatest coaches at the greatest schools - Go Bruins! :)
Malcolm Gladwell - another biz thinker who changed my life! Love him!!!
Malcolm Gladwell - our greatest disadvantages can lead to our biggest wins
Mark Cuban - CONNECT to win
we all dance to the beat of a different drum, but we can all hit the same winning target
watch the videos below & figure out what two qualities lead to the winning formula

don't set the bullseye as the word's definition of success. instead, aim for your own definition of winning. 

love his definition of winning vs succeeding
Simon Sinek - To really win, we must feel cared for & a part of something
Winston Churchill - Winning is standing up to our enemies & being courageous
Nelson Mandela - one of the greatest stories on winning ever -
He teaches us winning is about forgiving
Charlie Day - didn't know who he was before this
video was posted online - but now I love his advice =
having a Plan B, could muddy up your Plan A!
I agree = winning = risking! BELIEVE in yourself!!
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