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omgosh - the below is going to give you chills, bring you to tears and fill your soul with joy and goodness and kindness. my heroes. i went to the internet to find something else, and just happened to "stumble" (yes, i spiritualize everything :)) on this first video. and as i watched it, i realized i knew the school. it is where one of my best friend's husband works - craig. i emailed marsha and confirmed this was at their school.  she said yes, and went on to say, that this janitor (just making a point with his job title - he is a true hero and saint in my book) bought their daughter a gift when she was born!!!! on a janitor's salary in texas??? generosity that is blowing me away and what I'm talking about in financially freeTM! THIS people is my point on vocation - it's NEVER EVER about the money - it's about using YOUR gifts and talents with EXCELLENCE, no matter the task, and knowing doing that and - OUR MOTTO (read financially freeTM to find out what it is) is true - do your job with excellence, love people and not only will the money come, but honor and money and all the best things in life that money cannot buy. enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!! can't wait for you to be inspired by charles and all the rest.... mushy gushy all inside... and jumping up like a kid on christmas... just incase you wanted a visual :) TMI? lmk :) haha! (i said my goal was to be free, not sane :))

true purpose

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these two men are the exact same to me - absolute champions & the best of the best - why? because they are doing their job with excellence and joy and doing exactly what they were created to do - loving people right where they are planted - GO BLOOM into something BEAUTIFUL... they are performing their roles in society, as we all should, or it wouldn't function. in my opinion, charles's role is even more important to denzel's - kids couldn't go to school without charles, but we could all live without a little entertainment. :) do you value one over the other because of the money they make? would you want charles' or denzel's autograph first? shame on you if your answer is not charles! just sayin.... humble yourself and you will be lifted up... remember, pride comes before the fall... yeehaw! to great men who i love because they inspire me to be better - working to love  is the new hate my job  mentality

oommmgosh - the BEST commencement I have ever heard - everything I believe and teach in financially freeTM!!! preach it, denzel!! so happy i "stumbled" upon this last night... this is how you live free, indeed!!! would you believe i was looking for "cloud footage" for a welcome video and stumbled on these two videos??? wonder why i don't believe in chance or coincidence, but divine intervention? because this is too perfect to help me launch my website - i was trying to finish the first of the 7 and was going to work in order and now found the best content for the last of the 7 = that's how MY GOD rolls! :) just a little reminder to take with you through your day... now go place those slippers xoxo

zumba with the best

what's your true purpose? don't know it? spend your life looking for it - come to a financially freeTM seminar and buy the DVD's (videos) because it will give you all the tools and inspiration to make sure you get their as fast as possible!! there is no other way to live!at least that's worth it! let these peoples' stories and absolute joy in knowing their true purpose sink in and motivate you! you can do it! yeehaw!!!

omg - love her!!! preach it, sister!
fearless living!! why i love, love this guy!
he followed advice, lived authentic,
did the hard work, never gave up
= true purpose!! go, lenny! huge crush :)
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