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most of us give most of our time in life to our work, to those we work with or work for - to me, that has always motivated me to make these relationships a priority, the best they possibly could be, filled with lots of very hard work AND  the most fun we ever had, with endless laughs and life-time memories. the employees that have worked for me over the past 20 years are the apple of my eye, some of the true loves of my life, some of my best friends, my pride and joy ... why? because i treated them as friends, not employees, and would only hire people i actually liked and would want to hang out with. i didn't hire them to only have them invest in my company, i hired them with the goal of making sure i invested in them - not for what i could get out of them at the office, but because that was my privilege and responsiblity = to affect the people i spent most of my time with. pma peeps - thank you for letting me lead you, teach you, mother you, lecture you, preach at you, yell at you, make mistakes with you, upset you, love you, exercise with you, take you on adventures, celebrate you, party with you, and get involved in every aspect of your life - whether you wanted me to or not. :) i am forever indebted!!! you have my undying love and my eternal respect! yeehaw!!! love you & am here for you forever! now get to work and don't be late! (sound of whip cracking! :)) haha!  xoxo

friend me, then lead me

If I am your boss, I am your friend. Period. 

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