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ellen and her show are amazing. love, love that she searches for those with amazing talent who have great need, all over the world, and brings them on her show and gives them gifts and much needed money. some of the most brilliant, loving, heart-warming tv moments ever.

dreams come true

dream the impossible dream & reach for the stars

pause music here to watch videos

The Voice - the best blind auditions in the US! Chills!
Britian's Got Talent - Susan Boyle's 1st addition that made everyone cry
The Voice - the best blind auditions around the WORLD

Dr. Henry Cloud - Never Go Back - how to reach your dreams & goals

great motivation to reach your dreams!
fear not, never stop, work hard...

Millenials - don't let this be true of you!!!

Source: Micah Tyler - Watermark Church

coming soon
live free's - making dreams a reality
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