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End Times & the Battle of Armageddon

"Then, they gathered the kings together to the

place that in Hebrew

is called Armageddon."

- Revelation 16:16

Jesus is coming back & will win the final battle of Armageddon and conquer evil once and for all. Then, we will be in His presence, in perfect peace, for all eternity. The earth will be restored to perfect glory and God will walk among us once again. Are you prepared for His coming? Will you be caught up to Him? I sure hope so. Eternity is a very long time.

Listen and be set free by the Word of God - His love letter to each and every onoe of us! Oh, how He loves YOU!!!

How close are we to the Rapture and Tribulation period? Incidentally, I am posting these videos as I find them, to give different views and theologies, BUT I do not necessarily agree with all of their conclusions. We will be posting a video soon outlining live freeTM's position on the Rapture & all End Times theology.

Love, love this guy & this video - great, great graphics & really simple overview of Revelations, but I don't necessarily agree with all of it - most of it, but not all. More on this below. Thank you, thank you, Allen Parr for this gift!! Well done, good & faithful servant!!! May God bless the work of your hands & your life! :)

Chuck Missler - someone I was skeptical of before watching this video, because I am leary of so many pastors who teach on the prophetic, because they seem off base and cray, cray to me!! haha! Just being honest to make a very strong point, actually two strong points - 1) He won me over in this video to actually listen to his teaching, because he articulates in a very well-studied, well-laid out way, backed by tons and tons of Scripture what he believes, and seems honest and caring for the listener at the same time. I was desperately searching - before finishing a draft of The Bible in a Year - for good teaching on the Rapture, because sooo many preachers - ones I have respected in other teachings - completely miss the boat and teach an important concept blindly, using verses that have nothing to do with the Rapture! So much so that I have not believed in the Rapture for years & years because I could not understand it or see it in Scripture and no one could explain it to me who said they believed = they had no clue why they believed in it, just that it was taught to them!!!!! Ugh!!!! Peeps, do not believe blindly, but instead use that incredible mind God gave you, and support everything you believe with the Scriptures yourself = if you can't back up what you believe by showing someone the Scriptures, then don't believe it!!! And, 2) Because he walks you through soooo much Scripture and history, and backs up everything he believes and the theology he is teaching by tons and tons of Scripture, whether you agree with him or not, he at least has given me sooooo much Scripture - a tremendous gift to me and to you - to meditate on and ask the Spirit what is truth. Watching this video and taking notes and pausing to write in my cute live free journal (yes, that was a plug :)) and cross referencing the verses He quotes, allowed me, for the first time ever, to absolutely defend through lots of Scripture what I believe about the Rapture, the Tribulation, Israel, the Church, the 2nd Coming of Christ, the Millenium, etc. Beyond excited to share in a video coming soon - check back often - as it will below. 

David Wilkerson

Joel Rosenberg - one of my favs - speaks about Ezekiel 38 & the battle between Gog & Magog & where we are in history in relationship to this!! Powerful, powerful insight!

Thank you, Joel!!! 

Joel Rosenberg - Ezekiel 38 & 39             

US has given Syria to Russia

Lt. General William Boykin

Skip Heitzig

RC Sproul - Eschatology

The Millenium  & Rapture debate

Revival of the Roman Empire

Chuck Missler - Psalm 83

live freeTM's Timeline of End Times, position on the Rapture , and overview and teaching of all prophecies, explanations, definitions and

study of Revelations End Times  theology (aka eschatology )

coming soon

Phenomenal video on the Middle East struggle, Iran and what that means to Bible Prophecy - based upon Joel Rosenberg's book, Inside the Revolution

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