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dating - Trust in the Lord

sooo good!!! and the faith I have for a husband
how about you?

love not lust

You can't love another well unless you love yourself well. And to love yourself & others well, you must know the difference between true love, that absolutely includes passion and "crazy attraction", the healthy lust. Some great words and wisdom to make sure we absolutely know the difference and only look for and live true love - not only romantically, but for sure in friendships and family relationships. To love others well, is the greatest command and the whole point of life. I don't care how successful you are, if you don't love others well, you are wasting your life. Love tells us to guard our hearts and soul and love ourselves well before we can love others. Although lust is a powerful drug, intoxicating, and does cause a chemical reaction in the brain that feels uncontrollable, it does NOT last, and will take more of your soul than you should give. It can and must be controlled and avoided.

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