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    & great teaching

know the truth & it will set you FREE

= your key to eternal freedom

Listen and be set free by the Word of God - His love letter to each and every one of us! Oh, how He loves YOU!!!

Charles Spurgeon - London 1855

Billy Graham

Ravi Zacharias - born Hindu in India

God hates lukewarm - Francis Chan

Jentezen Franklin - The Value of a Dream

John Stikl - Awaken Your Destiny

Kenton Beshore - A Desire, Not a Destiny

Diedrich Bonhoeffer - killed by Hitler

Billy Graham - 1957 Madison Sqr Garden

Dallas Willard

Todd Wagner

Joe - Chase TV - How to Get Right with God

Rock Harbor - The Wrath of God

Robert Madu - "Get Out!" & "Get Up!" - Mark 5

Andy Stanley - soo good, especially in light of the coming elections. He totally puts it into perspective & reminds us who is on the throne.

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