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praise the Lord!

some of the best from Britain's Got Talent, and other lives who either went up to heaven and left us a lasting legacy of what it means to live like you are dying, or touched our souls and brought us closer to the heart of God with their voice, talent or choices. these are so good, that in one, Simon Cowell, says, "Praise the Lord" and in another he is so choked up, he cannot even speak. a first i am sure. these will warm and touch your heart and soul. enjoy! grab a tissue. you might need a whole box. tears of pure delight.

Don't watch until you watch the one before - Zach's last days

Zach's last days

This kid is 11 years old!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! A must watch!! 

Tim Tebow

10 year old blind, autistic boy sings

Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord - beyond this world!! your heart won't be able to contain it



12 year old sings

Hallelujah - which is all I can say

after listening



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