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is there a God?

athiests - your thoughts?

after you watch all of the below...

Please watch all of the videos and take notes - you are intelligent and smart and a learner, and I am sure you don't want to be wrong. We are not here by chance or a big bang, but by a God who created us and loves us. Love you too much to not state boldy and clearly what we believe. So, watch, and then in the COMMENTS below, point by point, refute if you don't agree - but only with SCIENTIFIC or HISTORIC PROOF - why, what all of these people believe and state, and we believe is truth, you think is wrong. Let's grow and learn together! Take the challenge and use your voice to be courageous and share, not just throw stones. This is a democracy! 

ITAG #1 - Evolution vs Creation

ITAG #3 - Jennifer Fulwiler

ITAG #5 - Hugh Ross

ITAG #2 - Renowned Atheist, Antony Flew now believes in God

ITAG #4 - Lee Strobel

ITAG #6 - Scientists vs Creationists

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