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come to the tableTM

for singles

"You don't have a relationship if two people won't come to the table." - Dr. John Townsend

Watch below for the 5 things you must do before you even think

about dating. Why? It's easy to get married, the hard part is staying married. People confuse lust with love, convenience for compatibility, many settle to medicate lonliness, and alot are self-focused, not

the other-focused, and so communication breaks down, leading

to the divorce rate over 50%. Let's heal the wounds that bind while

we are single so we start to change the statistics and create those happily ever after love stories we all long for and dream about.

love these guys! and they are supporting 1 of my 5 points in the video above = Confidence is Key! cne of my fav principles that i teach. and notice the girls faces - that are totaly flattered & feel so beaufitul & special that these guys walk up to them & tell them they are pretty & ask for their number. men take note!!! :) all women love, love confident, bold men.  i said confident & sweet, not cocky & arrogant.

great advice & tips for another point I make = excellent, healthy, authentic, listening-to-care communication is critical to healthy relationships of all types! 

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