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establishing healthy, bff friendships at

a young age is the key to a happy life

The "ity's" of friendship = the good = reciprocity, equality, equity, sincerity, vulnerability, familiarity; the bad = scarcity, toxicity, incompatibility, rigidity. Make new friends, but keep the old - some are silver, few are gold, and others are stinky just like mold. :) Know the difference. But first - before you can get a great friend, you must be one. Here's some great things to think about as you evaluate your friendships and the kind of friend you are. Remember, every day is a new day to do it right.

This is sooo sooo good. For all you narcissists - you need this!!! haha! It's not all about you!  And to be a good friend, we need to be genuinely interested in others. Now you know why I ask alot of questions - I totally love, love hearing and learning your story!!!

Covenant Friendships vs Convenient Ones
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