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come to the table

... to free yourself & others


"You don't have a relationship if two people won't come to the table." - Dr. John Townsend

Spoken by one of the wiset men I know - Dr. John Townsend. Some of the best of the best to truly understand the human condition - we all just want to be heard and our thoughts and feelings validated - not necessarily agreed to - and to know that we matter, we count. To be disregarded, written off, is the meanest, most evil thing you can do to someone. No communication is cowardly and harmful to society. Grab your journals as you're going to want to take notes to refer to as, this stuff is life-changing for sure. 

How Reconciliation Works - This is so AWESOME!!!

The Art of Apology

How to handle difficult people

Healthy Communication
Healthy Conflict Resolution
coming soon

5 things you must bring to the table

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