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we must love everyone, but we don't have to be friends with them

Safe people - love you unconditionally, go through the hard times, stay when the going gets tough, grow and get help, listen to hurts, say they are sorry and resolve conflict, cheer you on as you do for them, etc. Unsafe people never say they are sorry, do not listen to conflict or hurts, but just blame you, take and take and then think you have nerve when you ask for something.... Let's watch and learn and make sure we are in the first category.

This is sooo sooo good. It's not all about you!  And to be a good friend, we need to be generally interested in others. Now you know why I ask alot of questions - I totally love, love hearing and learning your story!!!

love, love Madea (Tyler Perry) and especially love his descriptions of relationships / friendships - their like trees. Some are leaves, branches or roots. Which are you?

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