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sunday funday

family dinners!


let's eat, drink & be merry together with new & old friends, inviting neighbors, co-workers and anyone and everyone to our WEEKLY, MONTHLY or QUARTERLY


SundayFunday Family Dinners TM


We will have a SCHEDULE posted here of the WEEKLY CONTENT of the DINNERS. You see, even though they will be MONTHLY, we will have WEEKLY content, as groups will meet on different Sundays of the month. The content will be topics - from the 7 HUMAN NEEDS to watch that week & discuss and share highs & lows. Again, we want to eat together, laugh together, play together, encourage & sharpen one another & make sure everyone is succeeding in their FREEDOM plans and LIFE PLAN goals.


They will be pot luck - everyone bring their own food & drink so not a time or financial burdeon on anyone.  The goal is community, not adding any more stress. This should be a highlight, a pleasure, no performance objectives here.  You are loved and valuable just being YOU! :)


I envision it working this way - even if we are meeting in different locations each MONTH, if we are all sharing the same CONTENT, then we can comment and share STORIES from the larger live freeTM family HERE. How fun is that? I think sooo fun!! haha!  


Let us know the following and we will let you know once they are up and running.


1) Your ZIP CODE.


2) If you want to HOST a dinner - if so, how many can you fit if at your house? If not at home and at a park or other place, let us know max capacity.


3) If you don't want to host, but will ATTEND, etc.


4) Your EMAIL.


5) If you are single or a family and how many in your family.


Thanks and cannot wait to see you at my LIVE FREE SUNDAY FUNDAY FAMILY DINNER in the 92618 zip code! yeehaw! xoxo





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