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don't waste your singleness!!!

... you will never get this time back!
joe - bringing it to us singles! love him!

ooommmgosh!!! he is incredible, so wise, super funny, confident, creative, articulate, does not water down the truth or the Gospel, handsome and the list goes on!!! joe - you are doing amazing things for the kingdom & encouraging millions - keep up the awesome work, brother! you are doing exactly what live freeTM is about = using your all - your passion, purpose, gifts, talents & voice to change the world for the better & for Him! you give God the glory & not yourself! if only more men would follow your lead!! praying for you & that! you give me goose bumps & remind me how to live!!! thank you, thank you, thank you for being bold & courageous!!! now, if you find a man like you, but a wee bit older, send him my way. :) hahahaha!

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