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relationship experts & professionals WANTED!

One of my greatest heart's desires is to help set the captives free. And I don't mean the ones in physical bondage only - but those in emotional, mental and spiritual bondage. When I have had the privilege to come alongside someone in need, I have felt so inadequate in understanding the true deep issues and how to best help. When I refer them to counselors I know, they say they cannot afford it. That has led me to try and find a solution, help and resources for those wanting to do the hard work and get help, but truly cannot afford it. That is what a lot of this site and the resources available are for. I have spent my time and money trying to find a solution and there has been no better use of my resources. :)


If you are a counselor, therapist or other relationship expert or professional that is highly qualified, we would love you to join our network!!! Our desire is to refer paying clients to you, and then get some of your time given back to do interviews in the live freeTM studios so we can provide free resources to those who desperately need your expertise and the answers. In addition, we can offer scholarships and donations. Just brainstorming and dreaming here so let me know if interested in exploring this more. Thank you in advance for your consideration - from the bottom of my heart. xoxo  


Please put "counseling network" in the SUBJECT line and whatever else you wanbt to say in the message box.  Blessings -

Success! Message received.

People want to get out of the boat and walk on water, but they don't know how - their wounds are overwhelming and they need help... help they can afford

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