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kids don't want what your money can buy or what your ego has left over - they want a noble man to teach them and a wise heart to cuddle them

we get our sense of worth, strength and confidence from our father's, or our wounds and insecurities. fathers, know the vital role you play and get healing to love well - that is true manliness and courage. if you had a great father, call him and thank him. if you had a bad father, forgive him and reconcile. holding on to the past pain and unforgiveness only continues to steal love and life from you, and those you effect.

"When you had a son, you gave up your choice to be selfish or ignorant. You must be a man of character and do the hard work to get healthy, because that's only what your precious son deserves and the world desperately needs. Or, in the words of Charles F. Kettering - "Every father should remember, that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice." 

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