A great coffee table and gift book to keep handy all over your home and office for the best words to the wise and wisdom from the ages to give you the courage, strength, hope, motivation, encouragement, truth, wisdom and just feel good inspiration to fight the good fight, to accomplish those impossible dreams, and to keep on going when the going gets tough!  I keep on my coffee tables, in my guest rooms and by my favorite "be still" chair to pick up and read a quote or words of wisdom or a thought to carry me through my day! Makes awesome Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation, birthday and any occasion gifts!!!

book - word to the wise

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  • It is for anyone who can read - man, woman & child. Truly! It is filled with quotes and words of wisdom from all the greatest of greats in history. It will inspire any age - from say 8 years old to 108 years old! It gives you the best quotes ever spoken by topic - DREAM, FAITH, COURAGE, etc. so that you can pick up this book and be totally inspired, motivated and energized to go and do this day, not only with excellence, but by reaching for the impossible dream! Families can read a page together over the dinner table and get inspired together!