A great coffee table and gift book to keep handy all over your home and office to help you REMEMBER - what God says in the Bible, how much He loves you, His plans for you, and many other great truths to help you fight the lies of this life. It is filled with the best motivation, encouragement, truth, wisdom and just feel good inspiration.  I keep on my coffee tables, in my guest rooms and by my favorite "be still chair" to pick up and read a quote or a verse or a thought to carry me through my day! Makes awesome Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation, birthday and any occasion gifts!!!

book - remember

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  • It is for all ages, every man, woman & child who has a faith in God or wants to explore one. It will bless, teach, inspire and fill with pure joy an 8 year old and an 108 year old. 

    It's about REMEMBERING all that God teaches and tells us in the Bible, filled with great stories and motivational quotes by some of the greatest of greats in history so we can run the race with excellence and have one source at hand when we need a lift of truth.

    Why read it? Because it will change your life and truly inspire you to keep going, to know He loves you and created you with an amazing purpose that only you can do, and so on and so on! Trust me - will be a life saver of His love and truth!