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The Depressing Path to the Presidency

From the NY Times as of 10/25/16

Point / Counterpoint

This is a safe place to debate your hearts out - no filters, no political correctness, only unfiltered, unedited, raw emotional venting of frustrations is welcomed here. Strong opinions and anger are welcomed here. This is for the brave souls who care about this country and the mess we are in and won't hold back.


BUT - I am the moderator and I will not allow any swearing or profanity at all. If you want to swear, use symbols and we will share your frustrations. haha! And no name calling. When someone makes a comment that you think is so wacky or crazy or off base, say that! Don't say, "your an idiot." But do say, "That is just such wrong thinking and here is why." Or, "I strongly disagree with what you just said because it is just plain foolish and inaccurate," something along those lines. This is a debate and emotions and tempers will flair - I know mine will - but I will delete any comments that are totally mean, disrespectful or not in the spirit of debate - which is always the clear desire to educate and inform and intellectually appeal to your opponent so they will see the light and change their faulty thinking. Back up what you believe and your opinions with facts and support - paste links to articles or youtube videos that help support your stance, etc. This is point / counterpoint, so I will start with my POINT ...


1) I am a very conservative, right wing Republican, for so many reasons I don't have time to get in to now. I say that to really make an impact with my next statement - I think Donald Trump is the most disgusting human being with his behavior and I am beyond disgusted, first as an American and then as a Republican, that a man of his low character and absolute lack of social graces or skills, is even allowed to run for President. I can't think of one man who disgusts me more than him. Truly. And it literally makes me sick to my stomach that my party, which I do believe was founded on high ideals and the right ideals - to keep power with the people and not the government and to make individuals take responsibility for their lives - no free handouts, cannot find a better man than him. Totally beyond upsetting and disgusting to me. Now, I still have to love Trump - and I will do that by voicing my rebuke of his behavior and antics and am committed to praying for him. 


As much as I dislike and am disgusted with Donald Trump, I am equally disgusted and dislike Hillary Clinton' behavior - again, I know I have to love her and pray for her but I hate her behavior, her absolutely dishonest and self-serving character, etc. Where Trump is a total arrogant, sick fool (we can name-call now them, just not each other!!! haha!), Hillary is a lying, deceiving, power hungry woman who has no moral fiber in any ounce of her body. She is Secretary of State and she uses her personal email and acts like she didn't know she shouldn't?????? Are you even kidding me? Liar, liar pants on fire!!! She is so frightening and deceptive, she cannot be president of this great country. Strong? Not strong enough for both of them.... Setting the tone for honest, debate. Okay now you - COUNTERPOINT is up..... at the bottom in the COMMENTS.

Well said, Mitt, about how frightening Donald Trump is! You have my respect & love! May God bless you & your beautiful family! That being said, Hillary's economy would be even worse and she is even more destructive than Trump! But, if you disagree, educate us all with facts so we can change our minds!

Clever, funny, but totally frightening & sad! - Words right out of Trump's mouth!

This is an article from the Chicago Tribune, in which they endorse a candidate from each party. They endorsed Marco Rubio for the Republicans and state their case why, but could not endorse a Democrat because they are absolutely fearful of both Sanders and Clinton. I know Marco Rubio is out of the election now, but wanted to make strong points - 1) They endorsed him over other candidates so read why, and 2) They could NOT endorse a Democrat and read why. Very good and I think represents what I believe and feel, at least at this stage. But hoping some of you supporters of other candidates can shed some light and educate me and all of us.

I've been absolutely strong above to raise ALARMS that in either case, we lose and to say we cannot let this happen again in four more years!!!!!!! I posted the following video on FB today saying I am sorry for my hate for both candidates and my commitment to pray for them and God's blessing and love in their lives, every day until he election. Won't you join me?

Before we get to debating, let's understand how voting works - the Popular vote vs. the Electoral vote

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