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educate to get wisdom

feed your mind,

free your potential.TM

offer your tutoring services to help others learn
live freeTM is all about offering our services and talents to the world to get paid so we can support ourselves and enjoy a financially freeTM life, AND offering them for free to those less fortunate. i can honestly say i love to make money to use to enjoy great things in life, namely experiences with others, but some of my greatest joys and most deeply satisfying experiences professionally has been when i helped those who could give me nothing back in return, except the pure joy of knowing i made a difference in their lives with a pure heart and got so much back in return. 
if you provide tutoring services - paid and free to those less fortunate - please list them in the comments below so those who need your services know how to contact you.  you have been blessed to be a blessing. 
in addition, eventually, we will list tutoring centers here where you can volunteer your time in your city or neighborhood.
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