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the absolute amazing, miraculous Brain

I love this - first video - for lots of reasons and it is well done and give very easy to understand descriptions of the brain, fear, etc, but I do not believe we evolved - that part is hogwash. God created Adam and Eve - the first man and woman and they are not 100,000 years old. And the brains Adam and Eve had are the same brains we have. Cain killed Abel, and Enoch and Noah were good, and nothing has changed. But, I also want to present opposing views so that we can have healthy discussion and debate. And to absolutely show that I can respect and learn from those I don't agree with 100% - taking and using the parts I agree with = getting wisdom - and firming up what I believe and why, in every area!

facts about the human brain
looks the same, BUT diff video - Nuvo Science
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