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The 7 Noble Virtues vs the 7 Deadly Vices

Did you know? The Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plato are credited with identifying the first virtues - temperance, wisdom, justice and courage, which they regarded as the four most desirable character traits. Now, we, who are wise :), all know that these virtues were touted and taught by Moses and King Solomon, and practiced by Noah and Abraham, long before these fellas came onto the scene around 300-400 B.C. But, I love that they spent their lives trying to teach and understand the most important human needs and character qualities men should have. Wish we had more men like them them today. Watch the videos below to learn more...and let's become men and women who spend our lives trying to live the most noble, the most virtuous lives that will make, not only ourselves proud, happiest and satisfied, but more importantly, God, country, grandparents, parents, our neighbor and our fellow man. 


Generosity & Giving

vs Greed & Waste


Discipline & Hard Work 

vs Sloth & Laziness

Purity & Self-Control

vs Lust & Promiscuity

Selflessness & Service 

vs Pride & Selfishness


Compassion & Loyalty

vs Envy & Competition

Mercy & Perseverance

vs Wrath & Unforgiveness


Frugality & Honor

vs Gluttony & Hedonism

live free's - virtues vs. vices
Benjamin Franklin's 13 Virtues

hey, gang! how fun is this? 

let's follow Ben's lead and let's get the world's youth (ages 1-99) to work on this together

Download calendar here
for the kiddos - fighting selfishness
love this song by Tim McGraw - always stay humble & kind
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