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create your own live freeTM gallery -

You can download all pics and albums from Facebook or Instagram and quickly upload all here. Super easy and have all your pics in one place!

Follow these instructions and once your gallery is set up, you can post pics any time:
Fill out the form below and tell us the following info:
          1.    Exact name you want your gallery to be called so 
                  friends can easily search and find you
          2.    Your email so we can send you a link to upload all of                                         your pics to your own dropbox folder easily and quickly.
          3.    In the subject line below, put create my gallery please.
          4.    You can go to Facebook and then Albums and under the                                   settings gear, you can "download albums" quickly and then                               take that file and upload to the dropbox link we will send you.  
Super easy. And all of your pics will instantly be in your gallery.

Success! Message received.

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