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We can customize a SEMINAR for your needs, so tell us what they are! We will be holding seminars for small groups at our live freeTM offices, holding them in various hotel venues for larger groups, and will come to you to hold a seminar for your company executives & leaders, employees, church, organization, university, or your family & friends, etc.


The requirements to attend a financially freeTM seminar? An open heart and mind to change, a great attitude, willingness to do the work - no quick fixes allowed, and you must have read the book.  Why? Because after teaching this for many years to thousands of people, I don't want to just take your money, I want you to actually implement the system, and so if you have read and watched all of the great material, then, when you come to a seminar, you will be prepared to ask great questions, learn from others, get the latest greatest tips and get personalized help for YOUR individual situation. Sound good?


Let us know your interest in the CONTACT form below. Let us know your ZIP code, email and what you are thinking as far as individually attending one we host, or wanting to host and customize your own.  And, yes, we make house calls!!! Can't wait to see you at one!


Please put "financially freeTM seminar" in the SUBJECT line below. Blessings!


And, finally, we will have a SCHEDULE and CALENDAR in the STORE under SERVICES of upcoming seminars so you can BOOK-IT there. 





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