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Get your heart right, to get your money right.TM

A step today, freedom tomorrow.TM

financially free 


One of my favorite things to do in life is teach financially freeTM - WHY? Three reasons - 1) Because it is my God-given purpose and just feels so incredible, like nothing else = I know it is my sweet spot of where talent, passion & serving a great need in the world meet! Yeehaw!  2) I love people and helping those who want to do the hard work and help themselves to find the wisdom and tools needed to bring healing and healthy change in every area, is beyond satisfying and one of the best uses of my time. People who come to financially freeTM seminars are some of my new favorite friends who I respect the most because they looked for advise, help and/or shrewdness and found it.  3) When you help set others free, you unleash a goodness in your life that is more fulfilling than anything else - that domino or pay it forward effect where we actually get more in the most priceless ways than we could ever give.

If you have purchased the book - the 2016 edition of financially freeTM, - attended a 2016 seminar and/or purchased the DVDs/videos, click here to enter the password you received via email and access not only the Budget, Debt and other templates, but also other great resources, e.g. professional referrals, deals, videos and tutorials, etc.

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