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We are looking for highly qualified experts & professionals - the best of the best - in each of the financial disciplines of the 12 Plans of financially freeTM to provide services and resources for our financially freeTM   community, in one or more of the following areas:


1) Become a Resident Expert Professional ("REP") of financially freeTM and advertise your services on our website, with a paid subscription, and come to the live freeTM studios to be interviewed. Once we have done the due diligence and qualified you as a REP, you will be on our Exclusive Referral List. We will only take a few REPS in each area (in each city or geographical area) - bankers, insurance brokers (in each area of expertise), mortgage brokers, realtors, estate planning attorneys, investment advisers (in each range of assets under management & expertise), debt experts, tax preparers, etc. 


2) Become a financially freeTM Certified Seminar Presenter ("CSP")


3) Offer your services for free ("SFF") to those in the live freeTM community who are less fortunate. 


If you are interested in any of the above, please fill out the REGISTRATION form below and provide your EMAIL, NAME & FIRM NAME, your INTEREST, and a link to your website.  In addition, in the SUBJECT line, please write "financial network professional."


You can show your interest by registering below, purchasing the materials and, of course, contacting us to ask any questions, get additional information, etc. However, before you can start the due diligence process and fill out the Application and complete the Interview process, you must have purchased and completed the financially freeTM book and videos, and attended a seminar.

We look forward to building the best of the best financial team to help the world master their money management and become financially freeTM for life. 


Thank you. 





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