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the ugh! life

i'm so sorry it's hard, but the sun will come out tomorrow!

Monty Williams lost his wife, Ingrid, age 44, to a driver who crossed the line and hit her car head on. This is what he could say at his wife's memorial a week later. Someone who KNOWS the sun will come out tomorrow, no matter how painful, how absolutely devastating life can be today.

"Those things that hurt, instruct."

- Benjamin Franklin

Is this unbelievable??? His ability to forgive and pray for the driver who killed the love of his life, the mother of his 5 children??? Beyond a man of great perspective and forgiveness, who knows the true meaning of life and where he is going.

Let's always feel and deal with our problems or saddness, but let's put them in the right perspective. I can't even imagine.... pray for him!

the ugh! life - live free's top 5 points

never lose hope!
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