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when to feel ashamed
when NOT to live with shame

Shame falls under the MAJOR emotion of ANGER. Shame is a focus on self, telling ourselves we are bad, because of either failures we caused or failings of others done to us that sent us to those dark places. We should feel ashamed at bad character choices or bad behavior and process that healthy emotion quickly, taking responsibility for our poor choices, processing it all and then forgiving ourselves, freeing ourselves to leave it in the past and not take it into our future. AND we definitely should not shame ourselves into thinking that shame is now our new identity we must carry everywhere or feeling we are unworthy, unloveable or somehow broken beyond repair. Living with shame is not your best. Watch from some who are the best at articulating the pain of their shame and their journey to healing.

Brene Brown - Listening to Shame

Paul Young on his story & his shame

Monica Lewinsky & her shame story

Brene Brown - Shame & Empathy

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