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One of my favorite things to do in life, next to teaching financially freeTM, is to a hold a live freeTM retreat. Why? Because there is nothing else like it to change lives forever, for the better. Nothing like it to build long, lasting, healing, healthy relationships that share visions and dreams and that you know, without a doubt, are for you and will cheer you on in life. Nothing like it to heal the emotional wounds and understand the past dysfunction so you can feel, heal & deal with it to create new healthy habits, create a LIFE PLAN, a plan that you design that will work for your life, one that you are beyond excited and giddy to implement. We create retreats for various groups, all ages (well, most ages), couples, families, women, leaders, coworkers, etc. If interested in hearing more, or designing one for your team or teens, etc. fill out the info below and email us. So excited to see you at one! :) In the MESSAGE box below, let us know the type of retreat you are interested in, how many people, etc. Thank you so much! Makes us excited! :)

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