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love one another

not just when it's convenient or for you, but when it costs you something & will brighten another's day. love that is cheap, is no love at all. that's what you call using someone or selfishness. know the difference.

You can't love others well unless you love yourself well. To love others well, is the greatest command and the whole point of life, because that means we are loving ourselves well, too. We were created loved and should feel love every second of every day, no matter what others say or the difficult, painful circumstances we are going through. Love is a fact. If you don't know that fact and feel it and live it on a daily basis, you must do the hard work to heal the childhood wounds that have robbed you of this truth. Let's help each other get back to the greatest truth that we are loved unconditionally - first by God - and then by others and self. 

my def = doing good to others & serving them with a heart to be kind and caring, wanting nothing in return; self-sacrifice to bless another; acceptance of self & others - the warts & all.

the world's def

Is love all we really need?
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