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Fear God. Fear lions and tigers and bears. Don't fear failure. Don't fear success. Don't fear the future. Don't fear losing it all. Don't fear what if? Don't fear being alone. Don't fear what others will think, but, instead, focus on loving them well despite the fears of rejection or abandonment. Don't fear the road of hard work and perseverance to get past your messes. Don't let fear rob you of any more life or living. Or else fear has won your soul, and faith, love & hope have lost.

fear not

... and the road ahead will be clear.
be fearless
don't let fear rob you of precious life
the moments are ticking, do something courageous with them

one of the most miraculous & awesome stories about facing your worst fear & nightmare & having it become your greatest blessing because you finally let courage, love & truth trump your fear!!! yay, ashley!!! one of the most miraculous & awesome stories ever that will encourage you & inspire you! from crack head to oprah in one day, all because of COURAGE - the most important courage of all.... watch to find out...

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