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Stress and worry are killing you. They really are. "Science proves that when we are stressed, we release a chemical into our brain called cortisol, which can cause damage to the brain and your nervous system to shut down." (Dr. Gary Smalley) Watch the videos below for more scientific proof that this statement or conclusion I am making is really true. But there's hope! YOU CAN SEND STRESS SHRIEKING. It's absolutely not a human emotion you need. And YOU are not only the solution, but the problem, which we talk about in good detail in financially freeTM! So, how do you do it? How do you stop being the problem and be the solution? By getting F.I.T.TM and confident. By doing all of the STEPS in financially freeTM, you will gain the courage to stand up to stress with confidence, and it will be so scared of the new courageous you, it will shriek from fear and go running away like a scaredy cat. Kinda silly, but it works. Why? Because it shows it as a tangible thing and not some all-encompassing overpowering force that will never be defeated. It puts you back in the driver's seat and not unrealistic fears and emotions that are just flat out lying to you. Stress can't hang around and wreak havoc in your life and body if you don't let it. So you have to grow and change to fight this powerful evil. F.I.T.TM means to choose faith, think intelligently and trust the future. All done with confidence. Watch the videos to learn more.

send stress shrieking


#1 - Margin & Confidence are the answer
#2 - Stress is a Mindset
#3 - Stress is killing you
The Good Kind of Stress - love this Rabbi
video coming soon
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