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everyday heroes

angels in disguise

when you're emotionally healthy, you live life with the happy emotions of love and joy dominating during the good times, and you go out of your way to love, serve, bring joy, and look for ways to care for others... let these stories, lives, choices sink in. let them permeate your heart, mind and soul and watch until you can't help but get over yourself and go out and look for ways - not for show or attention or because you "have to", but because you get to and know that this will bring you your best happy emotions of love and joy, your greatest joy!!! know i'm doing the same. this is the stuff heroes are made of - ordinary everyday people doing extraordinary acts of kindness & courage ...

wow! such a miracle! reminds me to look & listen & pay attention!
can you imagine how that impacted a young teenager to save a life?

watch the videos below & be inspired & motivated to go out & do the same in only the way you can. then, share your everday heroes you love with us in the comments below, by pasting a link to a video and we will grab and share with the world.

wow! marvelous! what can you do to do the same?
the goodness of humanity!! made me cry
pure joy!!!
fin free peeps - this is the sacrifical giving I'm talkin' about - totally humbling!!!
you will sob - tears of joy - WW2 vet reunites with Jew he saved from concentrationo camp
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