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choose joy!!!

only watch this after you watch his audition video above - blown away!
dancing always brings me pure joy - this will for sure make you happy - your welcome! :)
can't nuttin' bring me down cuz my love is too high!
you feel this way? don't stop until you get there! how? love well!
that's the key to true JOY!!! the kind of love that money can't buy
love his line that says - "if you try, you can't lose"

Life's not all about me, but sometimes I forget that and think it is. At my darkest times, I have felt like giving up - what's the point anyway of all the hard work when it just never gets to be that fairytale I dreamed about, still dream about. Thank GOD, I fight that lie and quickly pick up a book or watch a video that gets my eyes off me and onto the truth, the hope that the sun will come out tomorrow. At one of those times, I stumbled on this guy - he will never know what a champion he has been in my life. So much so that after sobbing one night watching one of his talks, I prayed that he would get married before me, that God would not bring my husband until he and someone else (a family member I can't mention their name) were married. I felt so moved to compassion for both of them that night, that I prayed that selfless prayer... but, truthfully, so many times later, I remembered and wished I had not because I saw they weren't married, and never thought they would be (oh, you of little faith), and so desperately wanted to be. Miracles do happen and so watch this amazing, hopeful story about one AMAZING COURAGEOUS MAN WHO HAS SPENT A LIFE CHOOSING JOY AGAINST ALL CIRCUMSTANCES!!!  I love that Oprah says - "just shut up!" Click the PAUSE button below to turn off the music (Beethoven's Ode to Joy) to watch the video. And then watch the rest of people, whose stories & talent also bring me pure JOY!!! I'm choosing it, ARE YOU?

scientific proof you can CHOOSE happiness & 90% don't!

Click the PAUSE button below to turn off the music (Beethoven's Ode to Joy) to watch the videos.

pure JOY!!!
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