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you can either upload a pic of a request or need, for yourself or a family or person you know is in need, in the ALBUM below OR just write it in the COMMENTS below. and then pray someone in the world will respond and help.


and if anyone wants to meet the need, then exchange info in the COMMENTS below.


or post your free stuff you have available to give away in the ALBUM or COMMENTS!


on behalf of those in need, thank you in advance for your kindness & generosity.


disclaimer - live freeTM  takes no responsibility for this - we are just graciously providing a convenient place for the public to help each other out. we do not get involved, unless of course we feel called to meet the need by posting our own free stuff or responding to a particular need. 

 post a need - so someone can help,

or post your free stuff you are giving away

we all need a little help now & then
& what it means to give sacrificially!!!
this is beyond humbling & convicting
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