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help a neighbor in need,

become a friend, indeed!TM

we all need a little help from our friends

i was involved years ago with a charitable organization that sent us door to door in the inner city (i went to the government housing in san pedro) - and we would knock on the door of strangers and tell them the good news of hope and healing. the experience was life changing and the need was tremendous. i remember knocking on doors where women would come to the door and when i noticed they had kids and i asked if i could come mentor, tutor or play with the kids, they basically said - you can take them now. well, i went back and one night knocked on the door, again, to take them all out for a fun night of pizza and making cookies at my house. the mothers - not one - even asked for my name, my drivers license number or knew anything about me - just a total stranger knocking on their door offering to help was enough for them. i was both happy to be a positive influence in those kids lives and absolutely frightened by the environment they lived in. that is where you just have to get on your knees and plead the mercy and protection of a good and loving God.


the strategy and experience stuck with me and that great vision the organization had has been on my heart and mind ever since - what if we all covered a particular block or neighborhood close to us in prayer and service and friendship, etc., we could change the world in a very tangible, strategic, committed way. 


so help a neighbor in need, become a friend indeed!TM is a great vision in the birthing stages - getting live freeTM family members & be freeTM  ambassadors to send in to us the block and zip code and neighborhood they have a heart and a commitment to serve and we are going to, along with our monthly serve daysmobilize the troops to go serve that neighborhood together and then, in turn, you will do the same for others.


so in the CONTACT form below, let us know if you are IN and GAME and the zip code or neighborhood on your heart and we will start to compile the goods and launch when we have the structure and team and strategy in place. i'm giddy with excitement about this AND excited to go meet with other churches and charitable organizations with a national reach to partner with those who are already doing something like it.


i envision a calendar - WEEKLY and on SATURDAYS - where we just update, BY ZIP CODE, the serve opportunities for that day and post a video by the heart who is covering that neighbor - soon-to-be-friend - in prayer and love!!! can i get a big YEEHAW and AMEN? :) xoxo


and this could be in your own neighborhood and your own neighbors - i.e. you email us that a neighbor lost his job and his house needs painting or his gardening done. or a single mom needs babysitting or groceries, etc.



"There should be less talk. Well, what do you do then? You take a broom and clean someone's house. That says enough." - Mother Teresa

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