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become a

be freeTM ambassador 

building a community & family
of like-minded friends
who know that a heart that serves
is a heart that is free & happy

any of this sound good? let us know that you want to be involved and we will keep you posted on the developments.


also, let us know your heart, your ZIP CODE, if you are currently part of a church or charitable organization OR if you want to be, etc. please be sure to include your EMAIL and your gifts and talents you desire to share with the world, especially those less fortunate - i.e. you are a doctor and want to give free check ups in the inner city, or you are a painter and feel called to Santa Ana, or you have a heart to go serve the police and fire departments in your city, etc.


can't wait to hear from you and, better yet, serve with YOU!!! xoxo

The need is overwhelming, but making a difference in one life, one kind act at a time, one hour at a time has a ripple effect

that will  effect billions and will

change the world and, more importantly, individual souls, for eternity.

Success! Message received.

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