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learn our WHY & then use it to figure out yours & go grow... something beautiful



live freeTM? Because it is MY purpose. What I was made for! I know it, I feel it, I've spent my life looking for it. 


What I want to say here is ... I am sooo beyond excited I found my answer to WHY I was created and why I am here and why work hard and have hope for the future when life is difficult and filled with pain - and so I want to share all that I have found and used and created to help you do the same. Spend time understanding all the WHYsYOUR WHY, which is just knowing your PURPOSE & PASSIONS and all of the other important issues and STEPS we discuss in financially freeTM.


and remember...

do not ever give up! life needs you, i need you, the world needs what you were created to offer! that's truth! let's spur each other on - in the good and the bad - to the greatness we were made for! we are warriors who are going to win the battle, and victory is ours if we stay the course and fight the good fight!!! yeehaw!!!

= your
true purpose
the live freeTM story


Welcome! It's Patrice, and I can't begin to tell you how excited and relieved and happy I am that you are reading this. It's been nine (9) long years in the making. Without hope, dreams, my journal, perseverance, hard work, a clear vision, goals broken down into daily STEPS, crying out to God and others, and miraculous prayer, I would have given up many times. It's been lonely, hard, life-changing and absolutely the best, most FREEING experience and time of my life. One of epic growth and truly understanding who I am, what I really want in life and WHY, and fully experiencing the deep abiding peace of walking all of it with a God who was leading and loves me beyond anything I can even comprehend. Deep, authentic, serious stuff out of the gate? You bet! Because you see, to live free, you cannot only have the fun, light-hearted stuff, you must expose all of it and bring even the hard to the light - and that, my friends, is what this website is all about - what I have been building and creating and dreaming about for you and me, for years. Finding and using the tools, resources, wisdom and truth to have the best, healthiest, safest, most authentic relationships and become the very best version of self, living who I was created to be with the greatest FREEDOM, PASSION and PURPOSE known to man. 


It all really started with the terrible economic recession and when I was asked to teach a seminar to help people navigate the difficult and life-changing economic times. Over 200+ strangers showed up for answers and I was moved to compassion by their stories, courage, and desire to do it right the next time around. I was humbled and privileged that I had been given the responsibility of helping them in this most difficult time and because of this, worked hard to provide the answers that were not only intelligent, practical, the best to minimize financial pain and turn messes into means, but absolutely to help them put their financial burdens or questions in the right place. You see, I cared more about their hearts and minds, bodies and souls than their budgets. Perspective and vision can change everything. Because I was not happy with the existing personal financial curriculum out there - I didn't believe it started at the right place or focused on the real issues - I wrote my own in response to their needs. I called it financially freeTM because I, too, was asking myself what my deepest need and desire was, and the answer kept coming up freedom, not just financially, but in every area, especially from all the lies that bind. Teaching financially freeTM to 1000s over the last eight years and really caring about their true freedom, not just financially but in every area, I started to give them resources to all of the other life questions they were asking - hence, the vision and dream for this website and the resources that cover every area of life, what I call the 7 Human Needs.


live freeTM aims to be a life brand that creates, gathers and centralizes in one easily accessible and always available place - all of the priceless wisdom, truth, tools and resources that we all need to go do the hard work and the STEPS to live free in every area of life. So you can enjoy not only the best version of yourself with the best life, but enjoy that in the healthiest and most fun community of like-minded, awesome healthy people! A big goal, bigger than ourselves? You bet! But we are up for the challenge and love living life on the edge with purpose, passion & courage... okay, and a little crazy sprinkled on top!!! :) Yeehaw!!!


About our logo - I believe our hearts matter most. That all of life is really a heart issue - will we trust God, that He designed us and the universe with a Master Plan, knowing He did it with only a heart that is perfect and good and loving and awesome - beyond our human comprehension - or continue to trust ourselves who think we know better than a being who could create every living thing. And know and accept that He cares about our hearts deeply and perfectly, but that perfect love has to allow CHOICE = our choice to mess it up. That we were made in His image (why your babies and kids look just like you) and for His pleasure and our pleasure. Will we follow our desires, passions, ways in line with His God-given purposes OR will we believe the lie, live the lie and continue to wallow in despair and chaos or mediocrity - at best - living? We are royalty, literally heirs of a Great King - hence the crown - and if our hearts are surrendered to Him, trusting Him, letting Him lead, our lives will truly be free and awesome and filled with only joy and peace. Amen? Amen, brothers & sisters! There are 5 points in the crown - five is the number of grace... more as we go... :)


All of that to say how important YOUR HEART is to me - it is MY purpose and passion in life to help YOU get it as healthy and free as possible! Super excited to get started so jump right in and look around and spend time daily learning and growing in one of the areas, and also spend time on our website connecting as "family" - socializing and sharing in many ways... enjoy and truly go out and live free!!!


use all of the free resources on the site to do the same or pay us to help! you can go to our store from the HOME page to see our services. but first, please click the orange button below and watch the wheel of life video and the 7 steps video


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